The companies brial allergen GmbH and SmartPracticeEurope GmbH have been merged. For detailed information of epicutaneous patch test allergens please click here:

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"We have an answer to a lot of problems,
            not only to allergy problems."brial - Intrografik

Creativity and inventiveness, combined with the competence and know-how of our personnel are important contributions to progress.

Therefore, since 1974 brial is one of the first professional suppliers of standardized and individual test allergens for being used in the allergy diagnostics field.

Today, you come across brial in numerous contact allergy sectors:

  • Whether brial contact allergens tailored to the specific needs of allergy patients
  • or the approved differentiated brial test series for research purposes 
  • or our optimised test solutions for standard diagnostics.

Since knowledge is vital to progress,
you can be sure that the future at brial has begun long before.

Contact us, if you are interested in knowing how we map this future.



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